Sumo Issue 4

At a time when events in the Gulf pervade life in a sometimes overpowering way, I am afraid to say that writing this issue of Sumo (and keeping it reasonably upbeat) has not been at all easy. I can't easily explain how I feel about the war but even as a remote spectator I know I never feel 100% and it is tough to get things done on a 'does it really matter' basis. I suppose, as a coward to rival Flashman, it is probably the underlying fear of me or my family being involved in the longer term. I was the same during the Falklands and as much as I suppress my worries, I have a hunch that this one is not going to go quite that well. Either way, let's hope there's a speedy resolution and I apologise if, as a result, this issue emerges a little flat or late.

Right, back to games. Thanks to everyone who wrote in this time, to Charles Vasey for the Kiddie's Korner piece, to Mike Clifford for the usual (including an important piece on Replay vs Sports games) and to Paul Jefferies for the article on DIY gameparts which, although totally impossible time-wise for me, has lots of clever ideas and was surprisingly inspirational. Now there's a man with free time on his hands.

There was next to no response on the very mixed layout of last issue and what comments did come in are in the letter column. The upshot is that I have to make a decision myself. On balance, I felt the three column A3 to A4 micro-print was too small (though it is no smaller than you'll get if Sumo goes A5 reduced) and the two column format strikes me as the best compromise to complement the standard blocky pages. So, that's what you'll be getting from now on until funds stretch to a laser printer (around 1995 I should imagine). One day, time will allow me to put in some graphics.

Some necessary admin. I have recently gone over to a computerised address list which means I have to inform you all of this development and advise that your name, address and last issue subscribed details (and no others) are held on computer.

Late News that won't fit anywhere else: Terry Goodchild informs me that the Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend is on again in Burton-on-Trent. The dates are 18-19th May and it will be at a new venue with rather improved catering facilities. This is an absolute must if you can make it - if it is anything like last year, it is well worth going. Also on diary dates, don't forget the Manchester BoardGamers Auction on March 2nd. See Sumo 3 for full details. Terry also tells me that Lambourne's long awaited (and I mean long) Wings over France game which is now at the printers will be available from late March for £23.95. The game is solitaire and tackles the air battles in WWI.

A hopeful plea to all readers. My 30th Birthday is on 3rd October and England happen to be playing New Zealand at Twickenham on that day. I can't think of many things I'd rather be doing (well, perhaps I can) but have no economic way of getting hold of a ticket. Amex charge around £180 for the privilege, I was hoping for something just a little cheaper. Can anyone, possibly those who are members of a rugby club, make any suggestions apart from the obvious 'Forget it, pal'?

Mike Siggins 28/01/91.

On to the review of Republic of Rome.

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