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Firstly an apology. It is, of course, Dan Verssen behind those excellent designs Modern Naval Battles and Down In Flames. Delightful human being he may be, but Gene Billingsly rates only an assist on the latter game. And what of Essen? If you ignore Alan ``Mr. Enthusiasm'' Moon's observations (eight ``greatest game ever'' nominations), consider the following definitive:

DAS REGELN WIR SCHON!: Yes, very clever. But will you play it more than twice? The hell you will!!

FALSCHE FUFFZIGER: Entertaining game revolving around printing ``funny money''. But will you play it more than twice? Well, you might.

WUCHERER: Seriously long for a supposedly light-hearted card romp. And the end-game turns into a vendetta against the current leading player, which is a trifle tedious.

WURMELN: Great fun game from Alex Randolph. The counters (worms) only move if you are alone in the choice of a number from the special die provided, whilst the finish line can also be relocated.

VOLLE LOTTE: A card/dice game not dissimilar in feel to Pass The Pigs.

LAST PARADISE: Merfyn Lewis has bought and sold this twice, so that tells you something. Not unlike Boomtown.

BIG BOSS: Acquire-styled business game, featuring mega-production. But 99 marks? Do me a favour, chief!

AUSGEBREMST: First-rate F1 race game based on Ave Caesar movement system. Outstanding, and already a 10+ for many.

DIE OSTER INSEL: Barmy race game between replica Easter Island statues. Why can't Waddingtons find designs like this?

MUSH: (As in ``slush'', and not, as the London contingent would have it, as in ``push'') . The Moonman's latest for White Wind. Longish race game, with excellent mechanics and plenty of devious interplay.

PHANTOMS OF THE ICE: Originally Team and then Slapshot, Phantoms was White Wind's second offering at the show, and enjoyed prodigious sales. I hope that this doesn't affect Alan Moon's charitable status.

FUGGER, WELSER, MEDICI: Spectacular-looking (as you would expect from Sid and Doris) trading game from the time of the New World. Expect to be aboard for three+ hours.

LOOPING LOUIE: Wonderful mechanical game from `ole Milt Bradley. Do I sense a Mike Gray design? Louie's gravity-defying antics in knocking-off egg counters from the four ramps were easily worth the price of admission (if I had paid).

SPRITFRESSER: Because the nice couple from Adam Spiel wouldn't budge on the price, I deferred. But I have now played this Grand Prix game three times, and it has improved each outing.

AVALON: A cheapy from Fun Connection. Decent enough card game about jousting.

DAS PFERD VON TROJA: A disaster from the normally reliable Jumbo.

LORDS OF CREATION: Now boxed, this likeable first effort from Warfrog did reasonable business despite the trio from Manchester being marooned in the basement. Stick with me next year, lads.

Mike Clifford

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Stuart Dagger