Wizwar Jolly Games/Chessex, £16
Designed by Tom Jolly
2-4 Players, about an Hour
Reviewed by Dave Farquhar

Wiz War is a multi player game of duelling wizards. It has been around a long time, with the latest edition being the sixth. The components are basic, but acceptable, comprising a deck of 125 un-laminated cards, four square boards and an assortment of markers. The action takes place in underground passages, shown on the geomorphic boards, which are joined together in different ways depending on the number of players. The boards 'wrap around', in that if a wizard walks off one side, he will re- appear on the other. The rules are clear, with most spell effects detailed on the cards. It is not a brain teaser, other than in trying to work out the logistics of launching the best attack from the cards available, and making a quick get away.

Each wizard starts with fifteen life points, and owns two treasures, which are set up on his or her board. Spell cards are then dealt out, and the opponents set off to do battle. Their objective is either to capture two treasures, and return home with them, or to be the last survivor. The maze of underground passages makes life difficult, as a route has to be found to the treasures, and many spells require a line of sight to the opponent. Much of the game is spent leaping out into passages, flinging a spell along it, and leaping back again.

Action is fast and furious. Although only a single attack spell may be used in a player turn, there are many other types which may also be cast. Generally, while you are off trying to steal someone else's treasure, another wizard is after yours. Combats can bounce back and forth as spells are launched, defended against, reflected or absorbed. The game ebbs and flows nicely, with walls being built, and demolished, left right and centre, and power of wizards fluctuating. Overall it is a fun game, not too heavy, and made to be enjoyed.

Wiz War, and a six player expansion module, are available either from usual game stores.

Dave Farquhar

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