Sumo Issue 13

This issue's key word is upbeat - a Summer completely free of subscriber hassles has worked wonders since last time's gloom and doom - but the sentiments still apply. This should arrive with you in September or perhaps even sooner if the promised articles appear from various keen subscribers to fill out Sumo 12 and push my stuff into this one. I have more than enough material, both source games and reviews, to produce two Sumos this Summer and have taken the opportunity of some unexpectedly free time in July, Tour de France aside, to get this issue done ahead of schedule. Impressed eh? August looks to be full of work, sporting events and, hopefully, relaxing days in the garden or on the bike. I am away on holiday in September and then it is Convention Season with Essen, Lambourne Gamesday and a succession of figure shows claiming most of the weekends. Heavy gaming sessions and the World Series should fill the gaps. Is it all going to pan out like this? Is it heck. Upbeat, Mike, upbeat.

Essen sounds to be well worth attending as usual and most of the big companies will have new releases as well as the traditonal surprises from the smaller firms. Rumours indicate that ADG will be along with 2nd edition Days of Decision and a soccer game, of all things - could be good. Thanks to the growing popularity of the event, we have a mini-bus full of people and games going this time. I will definitely not be on a stand this year (no wild horses available, apparently) though Mike Clifford (now the exclusive owner of the Lionel Games range) and Paul Jefferies will be next to White Wind again, so chances are I will be around that area much of the time. Paul & Mike should be selling their new release, Men of Iron (a race game about the triathlon), which has been playtested and enjoyed here over the Summer. All the best, chaps.

With some early preparation and the help of the Spiel '93 releases, issue 14 should be produced post Essen as usual, getting to you sometime in November. However, if it isn't finished before my twice postponed holiday to Australia you should expect delivery closer to Christmas - I'll try my best but this is not a promise. While I admit this is not exactly a quarterly schedule, you have a good chance of getting four issues in 1993 which isn't bad considering the hassles I've had. This should put Sumo on a good footing for 1994 but, as ever, this remains a hope rather than an undertaking.

As you can see, the monster that is DTP is being gradually brought under control and with some scanned graphics, a decent typeface (Adobe Garamond) and even a new printer, Sumo is gradually being dragged into the nineties. You may even get pictures next time. As ever, I'd appreciate your views on the presentation. And yes, I know the point size should be bigger - I just couldn't squeeze it all in.

The situation on incoming letters is still pretty dire (though reviews and articles remain quite active) and I would again ask that you put pen to paper in response to something in either this issue or number 12. If there is nothing to respond to then I have probably failed and will really have to consider the implications.

On to the Gamer's Notebook.

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