Additional Cards for WizWar

This rendition of the rules by Kerim Aydin.

Back in the dark shadows of 1988, a small, silent stranger crept onto the wide free gaming hall of Orccon. Few paid him a glance---his small grocery bag and stooped over figure certainly could not compare to the miles of counters spread over maps of Europe throughout the room.

Placing the bag on one of the few empty tables, he extracted a small, non-descript box, placing it in the center. He sat back, waiting, in no real hurry.

Soon, the time would come.

As he sat back, a pair of innocents, lost kids in blue-jeans and t- shirts wandered past, staring wide-eyed and the wonder around them. The two seperated, and one (tired from two days of some role-playing something) sat at the stranger's table, without paying him a glance. The stranger smiled. His first victim. ``Hey kid,'' he whispered, leaning forward, ``want to play a game?''

WELCOME to the production of the Harvey Mudd Wiz-War Irregulars. Four years since that initial meeting, I still have not overcome my strange little addiction to a strange little game. It has gone through three editions, two companies, and an expansion set, but has never shied far from Tom Jolly's original random conception.

It is truly a game which needs to grow: it allows growth, providing almost as much making of loops and traps as a D&D/Nomic hybrid. Over the past months, it has reached vogue and sprouted wings to create, among one group of people, the Harvey Mudd Wiz-War Set (tm, (c), all rights reserved, ad atto absurdum, MCMXCII).

But first, the legalese...(ah-hem)...

This file may be distributed, copied, and redistributed in any form, for any non-profit person, provided the name Tom Jolly (for the original game) and Harvey Mudd Irregulars stays with the transmission. Also, feel free to add to the cards, lists, rules, or history of this rules set as appropriate. It's our game...everyone has the right to change it.

Now, the game. Wiz-War, as you know, was made by its cards. But cards alone do not a game make (Sit down, bridge need score cards, and as in our game, a dummy). The following rules add 70-some odd news spells, but don't just throw them in and expect a game.

For one thing, this nearly doubles (after you add numbers) the size of the deck. With the original set, you might expect to see every card in the deck over four or five games---with this set, you may not see a card for fifteen or more games. If there are cards you specifically like, in this set or the original, add duplicates so they don't get lost in the crowds.

Second, game balance. We have tried to remain true to the ratio of attacks to defenses to creations to movement to do this, we duplicated a few cards from the original deck, especially a few counteractions (Remove Curse, for example). This is a matter of your own you want an attack or defense-based game? Movement or creations? (We like maximizing the number of tokens on the board). This set multiplies the number of traps in the deck by sevenfold or so, so a few Trap Counteractions do wonder for the balance of play.

Number cards are also important. If you use all the cards in the following deck, we suggest the following additions to keep the numbers balanced:

                     card    number to add      
                     ----    ------------- 
                       2          12
                       3          10
                       4           7
                       5           3
                       6           1 
                     1-4           3
                     2-5           1

Again, adjust numbers to taste. Oh, those last ones, roll the die when you play the card. Adds a bit of randomness, if you didn't already need it so badly.

The card descriptions below are rather terse, so they actually fit onto cards. We made the cards out of little blank 2x3 business type cards---since there are so many new ones, they don't need to look like the old (rumors of future PostScript files are just rumors. Really). Cards with a (*) after the title have notes and addendum at the end of the list. Hopefully, the wording makes at least a little sense.

Which brings us to a last word. What we have is a simple set of rules with 250 exceptions. Some ideas are simple. Random means roll a die. ``Straight line'' means direction of pointing, not L.O.S. Dead means dead.

Many of the exceptions will conflict, however, though creativity will reveal the most interesting questions (If you put solid stone over a pit, will it fall in and crush victims in the pit, or will it merely cap the top? What about a wall on the floor? Will it cover the pit? If walls cover pits and stone falls in, can you put a wall on a pit, put stone on the wall, teleport an opponent to the pit and dissolve the wall? And what ABOUT chocolate-covered manhole covers? Did you ever really want to know?). Have fun. Make an impartial judge decide, and let the judgements change from game to game. Keep the game loose, and avoid those double-amplified fireballs.

Kerim Aydin

July 14, 1992


Target must confess the name of one non-displayed card in his hand. Counteractions do not work, as no one expects this attack. Non-numeric cards only may be confessed.

WILL(*) (neutral/attack, L.O.S.)
Gives an object a movement point. Works on walls /etc.. Considered an attack if cast on an already animate object.

THE FOG(*) (attack, L.O.S.)
Makes a cloud of floating gas. Caster give it an initial direction. It then drifts 2 spaces per turn, moving randomly at walls. Goes through doors. Blocks L.O.S. Roll on Fog Effects Table each time entered. WATERWALL destroys it. Fire causes an explosion filling nine squares and causing five points damage to anyone caught in explosion.

COLD RAY (attack/counteraction, L.O.S.)
Does damage equal to number card played. As counteraction, reduces fire damage by 1/2. Any water attack turns into ICE WALL or ICE on the ground. Ice goes anywhere between attacker and caster.

VAMPIRE (attack, L.O.S.)
Creates an undead monstrosity. Movement of 4, health of 4, bites for 2. When it bites, it gains the health it drains. Fire does twice the normal damage.

KICK (attack, special)
Boot to the head! Target must be in adjacent square (not same square). Does physical damage equal to number card played.

BAGPIPES (attack, L.O.S.)
Creates a set of magical bagpipes, with charges equal to NUMBER card played. Attack does 3 points of damage to all in straight line from horrible noise. Destroys Blue Meanies.

ATLAS MISSILE (attack, L.O.S.)
                         May carry 20 megatons.
                          000  3>-\           
                           0000  III====---===>    
                          000  3>-/

MASOCHIST (attack, L.O.S.)
Opponent hits self. He must play a NUMBER card if he has one. Damage to opponent equals NUMBER card he plays.

MAGIC DARTS (attack, L.O.S.)
Creates a number of magic darts equal to NUMBER card played. Each dart does 1 point of damage. Darts may be split among any number of opponents in line-of-sight. Darts are not permanent and must be used when spell is cast.

GOLEM (attack, L.O.S.)
Creates a golem, which moves and does physical damage at command of caster. Move and damage equal 1/2 NUMBER card played. Hit points equal NUMBER card played. Round down.

RATS (attack, L.O.S.)
Creates monster with 3 movement points. Does physical damage equal to rats' current hit points. Starts with 5 hit points.

Creates magical hammer over opponent's head. Caster swings arm down in hammer-swing motion, causing the creation to bop opponent on the head. Disappears after attack; does 3 points of damage.

Opponent takes one point of damage for every card in her hand with sexist language (i.e. "he"). Opponent does not have to show cards.

SHUDDER (attack, L.O.S.)
All spells cast by target have 1 in 4 chance of being cast correctly. If spell fails, draw top card from pile and cast it instead (no choice in matter). Both cards are discarded. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

BLUE MEANIES (attack, L.O.S.)
Makes a mob of Apple-bonkers, Snapping Turks, and a Glove. These move as a unit, 2 spaces a turn, and have 4 hit points. May attack anyone in same square, doing 2 points of damage and reducing movement by 2 for target on his next turn.

REALITY CHECK (attack, L.O.S.)
All target's spells are illusionary for duration equal to NUMBER card played.

HOLE IN POCKET (attack, L.O.S.)
Target loses 1 card (of his choice) for every card drawn. The card drawn cannot be lost at the same time. Duration equals NUMBER card used.

ANVIL (attack, L.O.S.)
Anvil drops on opponents head, doing 4 points of physical damage. Anvil may later be picked up and thrown, doing 2 points of physical damage.

HUG (attack, L.O.S.)
Target must seek out a specified monster of wizard and give it a hug.


PEACE, MAN (attack, L.O.S.)
Target may not attack. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

CONSTRICT (attack, L.O.S.)
Opponent's clothes suddenly become too small for one turn. Damage due to constriction equals NUMBER card played.

QUICK DEATH (attack, L.O.S.)
Target loses 1 point for every card played or discarded. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

PUFF OF SMOKE(*) (attack, L.O.S.)
   Moves and acts like THE FOG (see rules).
Effects:         1> PEACE, MAN: no attacks / 1 turn.
                 2> BLINDNESS for 1 turn.
                 3> NO PAIN, MAN: May take no damage for 1 turn.
                 4> BAD TRIP: Illusionary attack drawn from top of  
                                deck.  Draw until attack is drawn.

SNEEZE (attack, L.O.S.)
Draw a random card from target's hand. This spell goes off in a random direction from target. If card is stone, it travels until it hits someone or something. Spell hits first target in rolled direction.

Summons a water elemental with hp=NUMBER card. Move=hp. Can do damage (or knock back, as a WATERWALL) up to hp, but loses a hp for every point of damage or knock back. Annihilates with fire elemental.

TRANSFER CURSE (attack, special)
You may transfer a curse (WALKING DEAD, BLIND, etc..) to another player in the same square.

TICKLE (attack, special)
Must be in the same square as the target. Target drops all carried objects.

The sector you are in is replaced by one not in the game. All items, created/destroyed walls stay in the same location. New sector's orientation is random.

DUMMY(*) (neutral/counteraction, L.O.S.)
Creates a stuffed dummy with half your current hit points. Anyone within L.O.S. of both you and the dummy must roll to see which one to attack (50% chance of attacking you or the dummy). The dummy may be carried. Anyone in the same square with the dummy is not affected.

SUNGLASSES (neutral)
A pair of Ray-Bans(tm). Wearer is now immune to dazzling spells, UGLY, and BLIND. Looks cool, too...DISPLAY IMMEDIATELY.

SNOWBALL (attack/counteraction, L.O.S.)
Does damage equal to 1/2 NUMBER card played. Destroys fire imp. Lowers fire damage by twice NUMBER card played. You must discard this card if you draw GIFT FROM BELOW.

Add 0 points to your total, now. You may as high as you like.

GRAVITY (neutral)
All items in the same sector as the caster not stuck to the floor fall until they hit a wall in the horizontal direction picked by the caster. Does not cause damage.

SWAP SECTORS (neutral)
May switch any two sectors. Orientation of sectors and layout of board remain the same.

Stop the game and cast any one spell. Movement in progress must be finished first. Acts ahead of acting spells, OPPORTUNITY FIRE, or INTERRUPT.

CREATE SCROLL (neutral, self)
Turns one card in your hand into an object. The scroll is not exchanged in CHAOS, MENTAL SWAP, etc., but may be dropped or stolen. Anyone holding the scroll may read or cast it. NUMBER and modifying cards may also accompany card, either during scroll creation or casting.

MAGIC WINDOW(*) (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a permanent window through which L.O.S. (not movement) extends in both directions. Both sides of the window must be on a wall. At least one of the windows must be in the original L.O.S. of the casting player.

MAGIC MIRROR (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a magical mirror in a corridor, bending spells hitting the reflective side by 90 degrees. It does not affect movement or block already existing L.O.S.

TELEVISION(*) (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a large-screen TV, playing the Ren and Stimpy Show. Anyone entering L.O.S. of this foul creation must end turn and watch the program. May be played on any wall.

WALL OF SMOKE (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a wall of dark smoke that blocks L.O.S., but not movement.

TARDIS(*) (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a sector the size of a square. Anyone in center of TARDIS may move it 1 space or rotation per turn. Discard if no sectors available. TARDIS scoops up objects as it moves.

WALL OF ICE (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a solid wall of ice. Does not block L.O.S. Any fire spell cast on or through it turns it into a WATERWALL.

TURN WALL TO JELLO (neutral, L.O.S.)
Wall becomes grape jello. Blocks L.O.S. Takes two movement points to pass through. Spells stick, but only one spell will fit in wall at a time. If second spell is cast into the wall, the first one is pushed out the other side, hitting first available target.

ICE (neutral, L.O.S.)
Fills ground on square with ice. Anyone stepping on it or starting turn on it has 50% chance of slipping when trying to leave, ending movement if slipping. 5 points of fire damage melts it.

VORTEX(*) (neutral, L.O.S.)
This spell creates a permanent magical vortex on the floor, randomly teleporting 10 spaces anyone who tries to walk over it. First, 3 spaces in one random direction, then 4 spaces in another random direction from that space, and finally 3 spaces in yet another random direction.

CRYSTAL BALL (neutral, L.O.S.)
Create two crystal balls, one in each hand. One or the other (or both) may be dropped. Anyone holding one has L.O.S. from center of the other one's square, even if the other one is being carried.

HAND MIRROR (neutral, self)
Creates a small mirror. Using this object, holder may cast attack spells on himself. If dropped, it breaks on a roll of 1 or 2.

Fill square with obnoxious stoners. They block travel and L.O.S. Anyone entering L.O.S. takes 1 point of damage from a flying beer can.

EARTHBALL (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates a large circular ball which blocks L.O.S. You may push it ahead of you by spending 2 movement points per space moved. It rolls off of home bases. You may not push it onto players or monsters, but you may push it around corners. 5 points of damage destroys it.

MONSTER BAIT (neutral, L.O.S.)
Creates monster food. All monsters in the same sector as the monster bait must go to it by the shortest possible path, and spend turns eating it equal to NUMBER card played.

SWORN ENEMY (neutral, L.O.S./self)
Name an object or opponent, it becomes target's sworn enemy. Target must attack enemy anytime within L.O.S. Played on self will cancel BUDDY.

HUMAN FLY (neutral, self)
Allows wizard to use a point of movement to travel along a wall, avoiding items on the ground. Duration equals NUMBER card played.

QUICK LEARNER (neutral, self)
Discard cards from your hand and draw to replace an equal number. Cannot be used to discard stones or carried objects. If a card drawn ends your turn, stop drawing.

SPEED FREAK (neutral, self)
Gain 1 extra turn, but lose turn after that sleeping it off.

TWINKLE (neutral, self)
Makes you shimmer and sparkle so brightly that anyone within L.O.S. is blinded (as in BLIND). Duration equals NUMBER card played.

HEAL (neutral, self)
Add points to you total equal to NUMBER card played. You may exceed 15.

BIG STEPS (neutral, self)
A player may move twice the normal movement, moving two spaces on each step, stepping over intervening squares. A player may not interact with the intervening squares (i.e. change directions, drop items, fall into pit). A player may bump into walls taking 1/2 point of damage (round down when turn is over). Duration equals NUMBER card played.

INVISIBLE WALL (neutral, special)
Take 4 counters, 1 being the invisible wall. Put them on edges of spaces face-down. Opponents moving through turn over and remove blank counters, and everyone bumps into invisible wall. Does not block L.O.S.

HERE BOY! (neutral, special)
One of your uncarried treasures moves two spaces in any direction.

SWISS BANK ACCOUNT (neutral, special)
You may place two cards in a Swiss bank account. These cards are no longer part of your hand, even for CHAOS. You may not play them from the account, but may add or remove them to your hand during you turn, as long as you don't exceed either card maximum. If you die, the cards go away.

SHORT-TERM MEMORY (neutral, self)
May look through a number of cards in the discard pile equal to NUMBER card played, and take one. Must start looking with top card and work dowwards one by one.

PRECOGNITION (neutral, self)
Play this card during your turn with a NUMBER card. At the end of your turn, after drawing cards, you may examine and re-arrange a number of cards on top of the draw pile equal to the NUMBER card played. You may not take any of the cards.

You cannot voluntarily drop this stone, though you may get rid of it with SWAP MEET, etc. Display Immediately.

TRUTHSTONE (Grain of Salt)
Illusions do not affect the bearer of this stone. Display Immediately.

WHUPS! (trap)
You clumsy oaf. You just tripped on a loose stone! Take 1 point of physical damage and drop carried treasure, now.

EDDY (trap)
You just hit an eddy in the space-time continuum. Teleport 1-4 spaces in a single random direction.

You've got Violent Femmes tickets! Lose a turn and go to the concert. (discard immediately, and draw another).

Overcome by a fit of generosity, you donate a point of your blood to every other wizard (and the vampire, if it exists). After this, you are entitled to a sincere thank you from everybody.

RED DRAGON(*) (trap)
Creates a huge, ancient red dragon. This happens as soon as you draw this card. No one has any control over it. Dragon moves 3, 15 hp, and does claw damage for D4+2. It will go to nearest treasure and sit on it. Treasure can't be picked up until dragon is killed. Water does 2x damage, as does cold. Breath weapon works as FIRE IMP.

TRAP! (trap)
You fool, you just walked into a new, improved trap. Lose two cards, randomly.

TRAP COUNTERACTION (counteraction)
May be played immediately upon drawing a TRAP card to negate its effects.

DEFLECT (counteraction)
Half of the attacking spell's power is deflected 90 degrees along a new path. Hits first animate object in new L.O.S. or hits wall (or something blocking L.O.S.). Only works on point or duration type spells.

RETALITATION (counteraction)
You may attack someone who attacks you, immediately after his attack finishes.

CURVERD MIRROR REFLECTION [lens] (counteraction)
You may reflect 50% of a point or duration type spell, then add a number card to the portion going back against the caster.

DUCK! (counteraction)
Not a spell. Any L.O.S. passes over your head, hitting next target behind you. Big men can't duck.

DENIAL (counteraction)
The attack affects the victim one full turn after the attack was cast. It may be counteracted at that time, but not in a way that affects others. You may stop denying at any time for a full turn.

RUBY SLIPPERS (neutral/counteraction)
Teleports you home. All carried objects remain behind. Ends your movement.

ACE OF WIZWAR (Movement/One)
                              / \
                              | |
                      (tm)HMWW Irregulars


Any spell which travels (after a duck, etc.) will hit the first player, monster, or L.O.S.-blocking object. Straight line from wall means anything along a line perpendicular to the wall.

Will gives an unmoving object a movement point. If used on a monster (not player), you may move it one movement point during your turn if you did not create it, and add a point of movement if you did. Carryable objects (including treasures) may be willed, but if carried by someone else, they may not be moved (they wiggle and struggle in an opponent's hands). Walls may slide aside, or move across a square, or pivot (each takes a movement point). Any objects in the way of wall are pushed along (not players or monsters). Any object (stone, thornbush) which may not be placed on a home base will teleport over home bases instead of moving onto them. Dispell Object and Remove Curse will remove Will from an object, but count as an attack.

Each player, at the start of a turn (before moving or playing any cards) may elect to have FOG move. It moves in a straight line, drifting randomly at walls, moving through doors. Anyone caught in the effect rolls once on the effect table each time entering fog, and once each time fog moves over. If a player becomes stuck in a corner with the fog, the player must roll once for each movement point the fog TRIES to expend. Fire explosions expand along corridors and branch to fill available space.

The dummy retains the form of the creator, even when carried by someone else.

Physical damage spells and objects (through drag, etc.) may not move through a magic window. Destroying a wall with a window destroys the window.

Only half-silvered, on one side. Allows permament sight around ONE corner, without interfering with other lines of sight.

Created on a wall (ala big screen TV). May be destroyed by destroying the wall, as well as dispelling the TV. It only affects those in a straight line away.

A token, placed in a square, becomes the target...essentially, a sector within a sector. Anyone in sight of the Tardis from the outside sector sees the entrance to the sector as a continuous passage. The outside walls of the Tardis are indestructable. Anyone who passes over the center square of the Tardis may, at no cost, rotate or move the Tardis one space. If moved onto a home base, the Tardis center becomes the home base (as long as it remains in place). Obstacles in the way of the Tardis are scooped into an appropriate entrance. Anything in the Tardis when it is dispelled appears in the square the Tardis occupied.

Movement into the vortex is mandatory. What happens to spells passing above the Vortex? Nobody knows. They may be sucked in. They may teleport, and travel forward from their new location. They may affact the Vortex itself. If a Tardis and a Vortex happen to collide, Something Bad (tm) probably happens.

Effectively creates a new player, the dragon, with a turn after the player drawing the card. On its turn, the Dragon moves toward the nearest uncarried treasure. If it passes over someone, it claws them for 2-5 hit points. It doesn't use a breath weapon during its own turn. If a player moves into L.O.S. of a Dragon during the player's turn, the Dragon breathes on the player, causing two points of damage. If the player enters a Dragon's square...the claws, again, make short work of the foolish mortal.


Besides thanking Harvey Mudd College for all this free time, we would like to point out the creators of some cards: Dave Barton, for Shudder (among others), Zach Mason, for Vampire, Red Dragon, Violent Femmes, and Hug (I wonder about him), Andre Sisneros, who typed many of the cards in here (and made a few), Rachel Bittaker (for Feminist Revenge), and of course, Doug "Taller than he looks" Permafrosh, for always having time to play, and Tonya, for keeping the boy in line.

Rules rendition by Kerim Aydin, USA
July 14, 1992

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