Additional Cards for WizWar

A game accessory for WizWar by Charlie Prince. Here's the PostScript file that I came up with (to typeset WizWar cards). I did a few fancy things to make a generic PostScript program, rather than just typesetting the cards directly. The upshot of this is, the cards will not necessarily stay within the boundaries when printed. (The line-breaking algorithm that I used seems to be imperfect, but I don't know enough PostScript to make it bulletproof.) Also, the font that I used (Times) doesn't really match the font on the original cards (Gill Sans, I believe).

The file is curently set up to print the cards on one side of a page. If you want to print a back side (say you have a double-sided printer) uncomment the two lines that I mention in the code. The "backpage" at the end of the file will print out a sheet of card backs (Not anything like the original, but keep in mind the price... :-), suitable for double-sided copying. Of course, when I took my set to Kinko's, they managed to have the two sides of the page out of alignment with each other. Since I gave them double-sided originals, I don't see how they could have screwed it up...

If you want to create new cards with this program, it should be pretty self-explanatory. Just delete any or all of the cards currently in the file, and add your own to the end.

Like I said before, these don't exactly match the original cards (don't really even come close), but they're great for the price...

PostScript file by Charlie Prince, USA

August 7. 1992

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