Additional Cards for WizWar

This rendition of the rules by Timothy Cain.

Good WizWar Cards

BLINK - Attack/Counteraction, L.O.S.
For the next NUMBER card worth of turns (starting on the caster's turn), the opponent will teleport 1d4 squares in a random 1d4 direction. If such a Blink takes the opponent to a square of SOLID STONE, then reroll distance; otherwise, opponent is affected normally by the contents of the destination square. Other than on the turn that the spell was cast, no other movement is possible while the spell is in effect. Can be cast on SELF as a counteraction to an L.O.S. spell, but no NUMBER card may be played.

This spell can only be cast on monsters. Control of that monster immediately turns over to the caster. The monster now moves and attacks on the caster's turn, starting this turn.

MAGE MINE - Neutral, L.O.S. (K. Tidwell)
The caster places a Mage Mine token anywhere in L.O.S. along with an Attack and optional Number card placed face down under the Mage Mine card on the side of the board. When any player moves onto the same square as the Mage Mine, the attack spell goes off. The Attack can be counteracted normally but, unless the directed reflection rule is effect, reflected damage is considered disappated. Means of dispelling Mage Mines are left to open to debate (probably any sort of Dispel Summoned Whatzit or Dispel Magical Fritzers should do it). Wild Variant: throwing something on the Mage Mine makes it go off in a random direction. Note that treasures cannot be thrown.

Summons a Maid to clean up the dungeon. The maid moves in a straight line (roll randomly for direction, if she can't move straight ahead) with a move of 6 until she comes across a token (no players, treasures or monsters), such as a Thornbush or Slime. She stops her move there and cleans up the token (remove the token from the board). She is not affected by the effects of the token. The next turn she moves straight ahead again. The maid is NOT under the control of the caster, except to determine her initial heading, but moves at the end of the caster's turn before the next player. The maid can take 5 points of damage and does not have an attack.

OH NO YOU DON'T - Special/Counteraction
Completely stops the effects of any neutral spell being played by the opponent. This spell may be played out of turn. ANTI-ANTI will work on OH NO YOU DON'T.

Bad WizWar Cards

This card has no effect when played, until the caster is dead. On the caster's next turn after death, he rises from the grave as a WRAITH (cf. Wraith card), with the movement and powers thereof. The player-wraith does NOT draw cards at the end of his turn, but does get to keep and use any cards received from his wraith attack. Of course, all cards in his wizard hand still go to his killer. This card may be played immediately, any time during the caster's turn, or at the moment of his death.

The caster may position (or reposition, if necessary) the Autowarp token, effectively connecting two spaces. The ends of the autowarp must be lined up on a square, but for purposes of using the autowarp, any wall at the autowarp's ends does not exist!

Does magical damage equal to the NUMBER card played to all opponents in the target square, and all squares adjacent to the target square (even through walls or other obstacles). If more then one opponent is affected, damage is divided equally among them, with all fractions rounded up. A FULL SHIELD card, if played, will only protect that spells caster.

BANANANANA - Neutral, Adjacent Square
Creates a banana peel. Anyone entering the square slips, falls for 1 point of damage, and slides on the peel for 2 squares in a random 1d4 direction. If the player cannot move the full 2 squares, he takes 1 point of physical damage for each square he cannot move. The player's move ends at this point, but the player can pick up the BANANANANA if desired. If the player ends his turn directly next to the banana peel, and spends 1 extra turn, he can pick up the banana peel and take it into his hand (counts as a card).

GLASSWALL - Neutral, L.O.S.
Transforms a stone wall into glass, allowing L.O.S. through the wall. Movement through the wall is the same as per a normal wall (only spells or the wraith, for example, will allow movement through the wall). The wall can be destroyed with only 5 hits, but doing so will cause it to shatter and do damage as if a DESTROY WALL spell had been used (ie, 4 points of physical damage to anyone next to the wall).

CONE OF COLD - Attack Item, L.O.S.
Does 3 points of magical damage to everything in a straight line within L.O.S. of the user. Will damage a wall or a door, but not a solid stone. The user cannot determine who or what the cone will affect.

When cast on a opponent with a NUMBER card, Dreaded Curse causes the next attack of the opponent to cause damage to both parties with the opponent also taking the NUMBER card played in magical damage. The opponent does NOT have to attack the caster for this spell to work.

ZOT! - Attack, L.O.S.
Does electrical damage equal to the NUMBER card played and throws the opponent straight back 1d4 squares. If the player cannot move the full number of squares, he takes 1 point of damage for each square not moved. The player can be thrown OVER a pit, but not through a wall/door or other obstruction (such as a thornbush).

EYE OF GOD - Neutral
Gives the caster L.O.S. to any square on the board for the purposes of casting an Attack spell for the remainder of this turn.

SET MAGE TRAP - Neutral, L.O.S.
The caster places a MAGE TRAP token anywhere in L.O.S. along with a NUMBER card face down. If another player or monster, besides the caster or a caster controlled monster, crosses that MAGE TRAP they take the NUMBER card in magical damage.

The wizard can attack another player or monster in the same square or an adjacent square for DOUBLE the NUMBER card played in damage (1/2 physical and 1/2 magical). After the first attack, roll a 1d4 for the number of uses the sword has remaining. A new NUMBER card must be played each attack. The magesword can be used on a wall or a door.

Allows the caster to look ahead into the deck for a number of cards equal to 2 times the number of players remaining in the game. No one wizard can use this spell more then once a game.

LAST DITCH - Attack, L.O.S.
When played, the caster does damage equal to his remaining lifepoints to all wizards in his L.O.S. (including the caster). The damage is magical.

MOMMY - Attack
All wizards are forced to "play nice". Until the end of the caster's next turn, no Attack cards can be played by any wizard. A FULL SHIELD card will allow that particular wizard to still cast Attack spells.

Summons a Giant Space Hamster that completely fills a square. The Hamster has no move, no attack and 25 lifepoints. There is no L.O.S. or movement through the Hamster. At the caster's desire, the Hamster can eat a Thornbush or a Rosebush and then disappear. This takes no time.

CROSSBOW - Attack, L.O.S.
Does 3 points of physical damage. The number of bolts in the crossbow is equal to the NUMBER card played on the first shot.

Wild Card! Can be used as any one other spell; attack, conteraction or neutral. Can also be used as one number card (up to 6). [From the 1st and 2nd Editions of the game.]

When cast, the opponent and the caster both roll the die and play one number card (if possible, or if they want to). The person who rolls the lower total number takes 8 points of damage. If the totals are equal, both wizards take 4 points of damage. While the opponent can use Counteraction cards as normal, the casting wizard cannot!


The addition of these cards can unbalance the game, so the addition of some more cards are necessary:

[This is entirely a personal preference, and is not truly necessary!]

Rules rendition by Timothy Cain, Irvine, CA, USA
April 22, 1992

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