Additional Cards for WizWar

This rendition of the rules by Merlyn LeRoy.

neutral - X-RAY VISION - all squares are in LOS for one spell

neutral - HAND OF FATE - Anytime *anyone* needs to roll the D4, you can play this card a declare what is rolled - 1, 2, 3, or 4.

neutral - STONE TO GLASS - turns stone wall to glass (has LOS through it). Turns solid stone square to glass; anyone with LOS to the solid glass square also has LOS as if they were in the square, due to prismatic effects.

neutral - HEAL - heal NUMBER hits; does not increase hit points, only recovers lost hit points.

neutral - RECHARGE WAND - Adds NUMBER-1 charges to any wand you are holding. Must have NUMBER card to use. Wand need not be empty. (wands are not discarded when empty)

neutral/counteraction - CREATE MIRROR - creates double-sided or one-way mirror. Can be created against a wall or door, in an empty edge, or at 45 degrees in an empty square. Takes 1 point to break it. LOS as a mirror, of course. Can use as a COUNTERACTION to a LOS spell; spell is redirected as the mirror creator wants. VISIONSTONE can't see through mirror.

neutral - BLINK - teleport to any LOS square. Does not count as movement.

neutral - TIME TRAVEL - starts your turn over, except you don't have this card.

Rules rendition by Merlyn LeRoy, Eden Prairie, MN, USA
July 24, 1993

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