Trysse, a traditional mancala variant

This rendition of the rules by D. Elson.

A mancala variant that is popular around here is Trysse. The concept is similar but the rules are simpler, more like the original mancala. Here they are in point form.

I haven't seen this game in any reference source, I learned it by word of mouth. For a reference to other games of this type, see "Medieval Games" by Sallamallah the Corpulent, Raymond's Quiet Press (don't have their address, sorry).

[Ken: Michael Keller suggests that this variation is more commonly known as Wari and makes the following changes to the rules as stated above:

He also forwards the address for the book mentioned above and one other of interest:

Medieval Games
Salamallah the Corpulent
Raymond's Quiet Press
6336 Leslie NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
ISBN 0-943228-03-4

"A more detailed book is "Mancala Games" (1984) by Laurence Russ, which has rules to a large number of versions. His book is out of print at the moment, but he is selling paperbound photocopies for $12 plus postage (inquire for rates):"

Larry Russ
613 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030


Rules rendition by D. Elson, somewhere in Oz
May 2, 1994

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