Powerlunch from Mayfair

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Review by Ken Tidwell, July 16, 1994.

Powerlunch will be another mid-September release from Mayfair. The game starts out in rummy mode with players melding cards to be seated at one of several tables displayed on the board. Each card is numbered, colored, and features a caricature of a well known (in America, at least) celebrity or historical figure. Initial melds for seating are based on number and color. Subsequent cards are melded into a table by coming up with a good explanation as to why this set of people would be having lunch together. Apparently the wilder the excuse the better as you have to get each excuse approved by a majority of the other players. Mayfair intends to market a whole series of card packs for the game - packs of sports figures, supermodels, famous philosophers, game fanzine publishers - that sort of thing. According to Lou at Mayfair, its a scream. I'm dubious but we'll have to wait and see.

[Ken: This one is out on the shelves, now. Anyone cough up the bucks for it yet?]

Copyright 1994, Ken Tidwell

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