Article by Michel Boucher ( December 31, 1992.

Boxed or Ziplock Games

The Fantasy Trip

Microquest (TFT Solitaire)





It should be noted that Metagaming tried to modify TFT after Jackson left. They created (well, Keith Gross did) the Lords of the Underearth concept which was supposed to have many more games. In fact it only has two (Lords of the Underearth and Dragons of the Underearth), the first being a boardgame, the second being a microtactical combat system for use with further modules that were never produced.

DOTU is is fact slightly modified Melee. Mind you, I assume it's slightly modified although I haven't really looked at it carefully. There was much made in Interplay of upcoming material (two additions to the Air-Eaters game series, one western RPG, more LOTU stuff), and it all disappeared when Metagaming went under.

Sich is liff...

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