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AMIGO Spiel+Freizeit GmbH
Game manufacturer.
        Postfach 200326
        63309 Rödermark 

ASS, Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken AG
Manufacturers of Route 66 and Die Vikinger Kommen.
        Postfach 100352
        70747 Leinfelden

Avalon Hill Game Company
Manufacturers of wargames, current publisher of the classic 3M boardgames (such as Regatta and Speed Circuit), and frequent publisher of Eurogame designs (such as By Hook Or By Crook and History of the World).
        4517 Harford Road
        Baltimore, Maryland 21214-9989
        phone: (800) 999-3222

Karl BLATZ Spiele GmbH
Makers of beautiful, but somewhat strange games, such as Osterinsel, the Easter Island heads race game. Long on looks but somewhat weak on replay value.
        Postfach 470437
        12313 Berlin

Board Not Bored Games Pty Ltd
Makers of 6 Billion and also a wholesale and retial distributor for Australia
        P.O. Box 2265
        Gore Street

Canada Games Company Ltd.
Manufacturers of traditional games such as Tiddley Winks, Snakes and Ladders, and backgammon.
        75-T West Drive
        Bramalea, Ontario, Canada
        L6T 2J6

Carrom Company
Manufactures Carrom boards. Carrom is similar to Crokinole except that the cookies are propelled with the aid of cues instead of just fingers. (Formerly Merdel Game Manufacturing Co.)
        218 E. Dowland St.
        Ludington, MI 49431

Distributors of fine games, books, magazines, and other gaming stuff. Manufacturers of WizWar, Area 51, etc.
        several locations - check the Web site

Cosmic Wimpout
Manufacturers of ... Cosmic Wimpout, the dice game for stoned folks (and anyone else who may be feeling a bit random today)!
        PO Box 3199
        Greenfield, MA 01302

Crunchy Frog Enterprises
Makers of role playing and silly wargames.
        PO Box 578 
        Dept. W 
        Fremont, CA 94537-0578

  • Cwali - Corné van Moorsel's game company (Isi, Ocean, etc)
    Corné van Moorsel's game company (Isi, Ocean, etc)

    Game publisher.
            Am Bilstein 22
            45219 Kettwig
            Phone: 02054/81256
            Fax: 0241/22258

    Publisher & inventors of Texas, Iron Horse, Speculation, and more.
            Mariahilfstr. 7
            D-52062 Aachen

    db-Spiele, Mariahilfstr. 7, D-52062 Aachen

    Dewar Ltd.
    Game distributor.
            Postfach 1223
            77802 Bühl/Baden

    Don & Co
    Game publisher. Publisher of GIPF.
            Van Den Nestlei 7, bus 6
            B-2018 Antwerpen

    Doris und Frank
    A crack artist and game designer who have a rich history of self-publishing top quality games. Doris sets the standard for game graphics and Frank's game mechanism are always fresh and inventive. Doris' tastes run to the humorous and she is clearly influenced by great cartoonists like Walt Kelly and Jeff Smith. Frank is fond of very difficult logic problems and you can clearly see this influence in his game designs. The quality of their games is enhanced by this interplay between the light and the beautiful on one hand and the serious and challenging on the other. Their games reflect a second running tension, as well, between Green sensibilities and the need to use conflict to create dramatic tension in their games. You can see this in Dicke Kartoffeln, which rewards multiple victory conditions in order to represent longer term goals in what would otherwise be yet another corporate competition slugfest. Ursuppe and Urland move what would, in another author's hands, be a wargame scenario into the biological world at its lowest level: the bug eat bug world of microorganisms. Some of their best games are the ones where their individual talents are not melded but stand apart. Here I'm thinking of Mü & Mehr and Igel Ärgern. These are purely abstract games with not even a nod at basis in some real world theme. The art serves to humanize them by adding beauty and a sense of fun. All of their games are heartily recommended.
            Doris & Frank 
            Wolfsstaudenring 32 
            D-91056 Erlangen-Kriegenbrunn 
            Fax: +49.9131.55085

    EPTA s.r.l.
    Publishers of Derby, the soccer card game (Italian), Pinko Pallino and Q-Blast, chess-like games, Battlefield, plastic hills for Warhammer and W40K, and Magic Mat, a mat for Magic.
            Via Torriani ,26
            20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)
            Email: Gerardo at

    FANFOR Verlag
    Game manufacturer.
            Lange Rötterstr. 74
            68167 Mannheim 

    Game manufacturer. Makers of Hotel Life.
            Güterstr. 32
            CH-3008 Bern 

    Fat Messiah Games
    Makers of Shapeshifters and other fine games
            P.O. Box 341136
            Los Angeles, CA 90034

    Flying Buffalo Inc
    Makers of Nuclear War and other games
           PO Box 1467
            Scottsdale, AZ 85252  
            Ph: 602-945-6917
            Answering Machine: 602-994-0658

    FRANCKH-KOSMOS Verlags-GmbH & Co.
    Makers of beautiful games such as Big Boss and Terra Turium.
            Postfach 106011
            70049 Stuttgart

    FRANJOS Spieleverlag
    Game manufacturer.
            Zum Brinkhof 22
            33165 Lichtenau 

    Friedhelm Merz Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
    Organizers of Essen Spiel, the largest gaming event in the world.
            Alberichstr. 15-17
            D-53179 Bonn 
            Phone: 0228/342273
            Fax: 0228/856312

    Game manufacturer.
            Postfach 200216
            13512 Berlin

    F.X. SCHMID, Vereinigte Münchener Spielkarten-Fabriken GmbH & Co. KG
    Game manufacturer. Makers of Attacke and other fine card and board games.
            Postfach 1465
            83204 Prien 

    Games with a Twist
    Game manufacturer. Makers of The Terrain Game.
            PO Box 3729
            Schenectady, NY 12303-3729
            Phone: 1-888-TRY-GWAT / 518.357.9288

    Game manufacturer. Makers of Throwing Stones and other fine games.
            P.O. Box 2133
            El Segundo, CA 90245

    Gibsons Games
    Game manufacturer. Makers of Diplomacy, History of the World, etc.
            Greenlea Park
            Prince Georges Rd. 
            SW19 2RB
            Fax: 020 8640 3273
            Tel: 020 8685 1515

    Graham's Games
    Game manufacturer. Makers of Creeper and Colliding Circles amongst others.
            12 Old Shoreham Road
        West Sussex
        BN42 4HS

    HABA, Habermaass GmbH
    Makers of children's games that are long on looks but a bit short on play value.
            Postfach 1107
            8634 Rodach

    HANS IM GLüCK Verlags-GmbH
    The fastest growing little game company in Germany with some of the best games - El Grande, Drunter & Druber, Manhattan, Waldmeister to name a few.
            Birnauer Str. 4
            80809 München

    Hasbro Inc.
    Manufacturers of standard American fare board games. Also the parent of Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, and Tonka making them the mightiest empire in American gamedom.
            1027 Newport Ave.
            Pawtucket, RI 02861

    HEIDELBERGER Spieleverlag
    Game manufacturer.
            Blumenstr. 39
            69115 Heidelberg 

    Friedrich W. HEYE Verlag GmbH
    Game manufacturer.
            Postfach 760506
            22055 Hamburg

    Hillary's Toy Box
    Manufacturers of Plague & Pestilence.
            P.O. Box 1954
            Orange, CA 92666
            phone: (714) 538-7654

    Imagineering Desing, Inc.
    Manufactures of Edge City.

    Kadon Enterprises
    makers of Polyominoes and Polycubes

    Inca Perudo
    Manufactures dice games (including Perudo) and dicing cups.
            2 Brydges Place
            London, England WC2

    Jolly Games
    Tom Jolly's private label. Manufactures Knots, GOOTMU, and WizWar expansion sets (and may still have old editions of WizWar).
            3236 Peacock Lane
            Santa Maria, CA 93455

    JUMBO Spiele GmbH
    Game manufacturer.
            Postfach 10
            58845 Herscheid 

    a German company making some wacky cardgames with fantasy themes
            Krimsus Krimskrams-Kiste 
            c/o Mark "Krimsu" Sienholz 
            D-80799 Munich
            Phone/Fax: 0049 - 89/271 69 61

    Lambourne Games
    Makers of fine sports replay games
            15 Mill View Close
            Suffolk  IP12 4HR
            Phone: +44 1394 388102

    Les Editions Section b (Canada) Inc.
    Manufacturers of classic board games designed by modern artists. (I haven't checked this one out but I intend to do so. I'll report back.)
            4570 rue Chambord
            Montreal, Quebec, Canada
            H2J 3M7

    Previously the makers of Formule De and many other fine boardgames, this fine company closed its doors in 1997.
            49, avenue Pasteur
            94250 GENTILLY
            Tel 47 40 11 96
            Fax 47 40 97 96

    Marble King, Inc.
    Manufactures marbles (what a shock).
            Dept. 10, PO Box 195
            Paden City, WV 26159

    Mayfair Games
    Manufactures role playing games, train games, and imports many Flying Turtle board games into the U.S.

                    Phone: (800) 432-4376 (toll free US only)
                   (888) 629-4263 (888-MAY-GAME) (toll free US only, also)
                   (708) 458-3900

    Milton Bradley Co.
    Manufacturers of Scrabble and friends. Now part of the mighty Hasbro Empire.
            443 Shaker Road
            East Longmeadow, MA 01028

    MB Spiele, Milton Bradley GmbH
    German arm of the American giant (but their games are different and better).
            Postfach 2031
            90710 Fürth

    Tiny game company with a big bite. Makers of Tyranno Ex! and other wacky games.
            Donnersbergerstr. 55
            80634 München 

    NORIS Spiele, Georg Reulein GmbH & Co. KG
    Game manufacturer.
            Postfach 2254
            90712 Fürth

    Parker Brothers
    Manufacturers of Monopoly, Risk, and host of others. Part of the Hasbro Empire.
            PO Box 900
            Salem, MA 01970

    Patch Products, Inc.
    Manufacturers of TriBond and Blurt.
            PO Box 268
            2944 Graybill Drive
            Beloit, WI 53511
            PHONE: (608) 362-6896
            FAX: (608) 362-8178
            PHREE: 1-800-524-4263

    German arm of the other half of the Hasbro toy empire. Much better games than the American arm of the company.
            Postfach 1180
            63111 Dietzenbach Ferd.

    Phil O'Neill Games
    A one man band producing Ransom, Sensored, and Toilet Humour with more games appearing all the time.
            1 Birmingham Road
            Isle of Wight
            PO31 7BH
            Fax: + 44 (0) 1983 280777

    PIATNIK & Söhne, Wiener Spielkartenfabrik, Piatnik Deutschland GmbH
    Makers of fine card games and fine playing cards.
            Dessauer Str. 46
            41065 Mönchengladbach

    PERI Spiele, Erich Perner & Co. KG
    Game manufacturer.
            Dr.-Carlo-Schmid-Str. 224
            90491 Nürnberg

    Pressman Toy Corp.
    Manufacturers of traditional and childrens games.
            200-T 5th Ave.
            New York, NY 10010
            745 Joyce Kilmer Ave. 
            New Brunswick, N.J. 08901
            Phone: 908-545-4000
            Fax: 908-246-2797

    Pseudon Producties
    Small run game manufacturer specializing in designs by new inventors.
            P. Joubertstraat 32
            7315 AW Apeldoorn
            Phone: +31 55.5760741
            Fax: +31 55.5760742

    Puremco Dominoes
    Manufacturer of traditional dominoes and equipment
            5002 S. Loop 340
            Waco, TX 76706
            Phone: 800.725.7020
            Fax: 254.662.4543

    QUALITYGAME s.r.l.
    Publishers of Kupido, board game about love affairs, Automarket, car-builder financial game, and Algoritmo, a board game based on numbers and algorithms.
            Via Casilina ,55
            00100 Roma
            Contact: Giovanni Caron

    RAVENSBURGER Spieleverlag GmbH, Otto Maier Verlag
    The granddaddy of all German game companies. Recently retreated from the realm of gamer's games but they still make beautiful games.
            Postfach 1860
            88188 Ravensburg

    Rio Grande Games
    Importer of European games. Also have plans to publish English editions of European games.

    Rose Art Industries Inc.
    Manufacturers of kids toys and known to dabble in games.
            555 Main St.
            Orange, NJ 07050

    SALAGAMES, Sala-Spiele GmbH & Co.
    Inheritors of the old Hexagames line.
            Postfach 470652
            12315 Berlin

    Schindel & England
    Manufactures reproductions of 18th and 19th century games and toys.
            854 Palmerston Ave.
            Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
            R3G 1J5

    SCHMIDT Spiel+Freizeit GmbH
    Game manufacturer. Makers of Atlantis and other fine products.
            Postfach 1165
            85378 Eching

    Seventh Seal
    Manufactures Axiom and other abstract strategy games.
            3 Denmark Terrace
            Brighton, England
            BN1 3AN

    Shoptaugh Games Inc.
    Manufactures of great abstract strategy games.
            Philip Shoptaugh
            55 Stark Knoll Place
            Oakland, CA 94618 
            e mail: Philip@Shoptaugh.Com

    Simulations Workshop Inc.
    Manufactures of several exciting gamekits.
            c/o Randy Moorehead
            2708 Gen. Chennault NE
            Albuquerque, NM 87112

    Game manufacturer.
            Postfach 1863
            32218 Bünde

    US Games Systems
    Manufacturer and distributor of playing cards, games, and reference books
            179 Ludlow St.
            Stamford, CT 06902
            Phone: 800.54-GAMES
            Fax: 203.353.8431

    Small game manufacturer and design house. Makers of the infamous "Leaky Lifeboat Game." High production values.
            Sulzberger Str. 32
            87471 Weidach 

    TimJim Games
    A young, eager company producing interesting new boardgames.
       1805 Altschul Ave
        Menlo Park, CA 94025
        (Jim Hlavaty, designer and president)

    United States Playing Card Co. (USPC)
    Manufactures of, can you guess?, playing cards and a wide variety of card games
            4590 Beech Street
            Cincinnati, Ohio 45212

    Western Publishing
    Manufactures Pictionary and other popular American game fare.
            1220 Mound Ave.
            Racine, WI 53404

    White Wind
    White Wind has closed its doors and is no more. At one time this was Alan Moon's publishing company. Makers of Elfenroads, Santa Fe, and many other fine games.
            2 Milton St.
            Beverly, MA 01915
            (508) 927-1184

    Wingnut Games
    Makers of several very silly games.
            P.O. Box 1714 
           Dept. W 
           Burlingame, CA 94011

    Winsome Games
    Publishers and distributors of train games and other fine games.
            515 West Hutchinson Ave
            Suite #6
            Pittsburgh, PA 15218-1347
             Fax: (412) 486-3157

    Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
    The House of Garfield, creator, lord, and master of the collectable trading card games.
            P.O. Box 707
            Renton, WA 98057-0707

    Xanadu Leisure Ltd
    Prince Joli Kansil's game publishing concern. Kansil is the inventor of Bridgette, Marrakesh, and Krakatoa.
            Box 10-Q
            Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
    Zocchi Distributers
    Distribute dice, role playing paraphenalia, and other odd gaming stuff. Lou Zocchi is a classic character among American gaming geeks.
            1512 30th Avenue
            Gulfport, Mississippi 39501
            Phone: 601-863-0215  
            fax: 601-863-0323

    Credit where credit is due: many of the addresses found above (and more besides!) can be found in The Game Treasury. Many of the German game companies were taken from a listing available via a server at

    Additional companies, particularly role-playing game companies, can be found here.

    The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell