Catherine Soubeyrand (

Hello, Bonjour ,

I am thirty one years old, engineer R&D working in SEPT, after 3 years in the OSI test center working on communication layers, I moved to the team developping programs under Windows dealing with databases and fax, after 4 years I moved again working now on the wide subject of documentary data bases...

Living in a beautiful country called France, wealthy by its culture, its history in the city of Caen in Normandy. Interested by games in many forms: abstract (backgammon, Quarto), boardgames (Dune, Die Hanse, Supergang), simulation (Cry Havoc, Formule De) and collecting them.

Others fields of interest include reading fantasy, science fiction and history especially medieval period.

Why Games: well it is a friendly challenge to others or to oneself. Game fascinates by the wide ranges of mecanisms it proposes, no limits except imagination. We can rewrite the history of the world or merely do a bike race. It is an endless story taking its roots deeply in antiquity, to go where, no ones know!


January 18, 1995

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell